General Dentistry

It is the desire of Dr. Dickens and his staff at Masterworks Dentistry to provide dental care for the whole family. Dr. Dickens is experienced in treating adults and children so he understands that they each have their own expectations and needs when visiting the dentist. Adults want to see the latest technology used and to be informed. They want high-quality care. Children are different in that they need and are wanting comfort and respect as they sit in the dentist chair.

The dental staff at Masterworks Dentistry are ready and eager to build a relationship with your young children. Bringing them in just after their first tooth or first birthday is recommended. This will allow them to become comfortable with Dr. Dickens, his staff and dental offices in general. The staff at Bradley Dickens DDS, Inc. will also help your child start to develop good dental hygiene habits. Once it is time for a procedure, your child will already have a trust for Dr. Dickens which will make the visit less intimidating.

Having all members of the family visit the same dentist will have appointments easier on everyone, including young children.

Masterworks Dentistry offers many services for the family. Here are a few of those services.

  • Semi-annual cleanings- The thorough kind of cleaning you can only receive at the dentist office. We’ll leave your teeth with that squeaky-clean feeling.
  • Digital x-rays and exams- Thorough exams help us find any problems in your mouth early so we can fix them. X-Rays are an essential, preventive diagnostic tool that provides us with a lot of valuable information about your mouth.
  • Oral cancer screenings- We’ll check your mouth for signs of cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. When mouth cancer is identified early, there is a greater chance for a cure.
  • Muscle exams- We can check the muscles and joints of your jaw and mouth for any issues such as occlusion or TMJ.
  • Biopsy and oral pathology- In the rare event that we find something of concern in your mouth, we can have the tissue biopsied.
  • TMJ evaluations- The temporomandibular joints are joints and jaw muscles that make it possible to open and close your mouth. If you have a click in your jaw or feel any pain, we can evaluate you for TMJ dysfunction.

Call Masterworks Dentistry today to set up a first meeting visit with Dr. Dickens and his staff. They are eagerly waiting to meet your child and start building a friendship that will help build good dental habits. The staff are dedicated to educating the whole family and building relationships. Call us today!

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