If you are missing teeth but seek to have your smile restored, dentures may be the best choice. Dentures will restore your ability to speak and eat with confidence. Your dazzling smile can be restored! Dentures have been used for decades as an effective way to replace missing teeth. Advancements have allowed dentures to be created to match your natural teeth color. They can be removed when needed.

Two types of dentures are available depending on your needs. Dr. Dickens and his staff at Bradley Dickens DDS, Inc. will help you make a plan as to what is best.

  • Partial dentures are used when only a few teeth need to be replaced. Replacement teeth will be interspersed with the natural teeth. This is similar to dental bridges but partial dentures can be removed while bridges are permanently placed.
  • Complete dentures are used when all teeth have been lost or severely damaged. When you hear someone speaking of false teeth they are talking about complete dentures.

What Are the Benefits of Dentures?

The first and obvious benefit of dentures is just having a full set of teeth again. The ability to chew and talk normally is also beneficial. Having those abilities restored to their original ability and receiving a beautiful smile will lead to a confidence boost as you interact with others socially and professionally. Dentures that have been properly cared for will last you many years and give you that natural smile you desire.

Do Dentures Need Special Care?

Dr. Dickens and the staff at Bradley Dickens DDS, Inc. will give you the direction you need to properly care for your new dentures. At night, they will need to be placed in a glass of water with dental cleaning tablets.

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